Reflections on Storytelling

Hear from our contributors about the impact of sharing a story...

"In many ways, I look at this listening lab opportunity as an antidote to the culture that we've created in medicine. Having gone through it, I feel more confident about being able to share vulnerabilities with my colleagues. More and more my colleagues are comfortable coming to me with their personal stories."
-- Jason Han, MD

"There’s a there's a real value to storytelling. It's not something that we're used to doing as a clinical team to people outside of the clinical team. The experience of working with you, it helped me a lot. It helped me grow as a clinician. It cracked something open in my heart."
-- Julia Schott, MSS, LCSW

"People have been still to this day emailing me and calling me, telling me that that they heard my story. For me, this whole process has been cathartic and positive. For most of my family, you know, it made them proud that I was able to share my vulnerability. My chairwoman sent me a text and said she's proud for me to be her colleague. That meant the world to me."
-- Mathew Beshara, MD

"The benefit I got out of listening to others’ stories was incredible, and especially during these challenging times. It's such a great platform. It really is. Listening is something that we rarely find time to do. We're kind of running around through life and it's something that I will cherish at the end of my career. And I can tell you that for certain."
-- Clarice Maggio, RN

"Through this story, I was able to connect with the family members of this patient one more time after all this happened. They appreciated it, and I appreciated it."
-- Jason Han, MD

"In sort of the landscape of navigating a chronic illness, it's an opportunity to shed light on a more kind of nuanced encounter that may not have been, at face value, incredibly meaningful, but with time, and then reflection, you realize 'Oh that was actually a pivotal moment for me -- just a moment of extreme care given to me by somebody else.'"
-- Lyndsay Hoy, MD, and patient

"I feel proud that I could share a story like that, and people were so willing to listen. I feel pretty insignificant in the big scheme of things, but it made me feel proud to be recognized, and that people want to hear what we do. I'm just grateful."
-- Mary Evers, LCSW

"This should be a mandatory part of medicine. Healthcare is how we treat each other."
-- Alan Stein, MD, PhD, and patient