While we envision the Listening Lab as a form of support and healing, we also recognize that listening is a vulnerable experience and may prompt a need for additional resources and strategies for those seeking help.

Whether you are in the Penn Medicine community or beyond, we recommend the following curated resources and hope that they will support your own mental health and wellness:

PennMedicineTogether offers carefully curated resources and strategies to help people cope, which we all do differently.

PennCOBALT is a tool for the entire Penn Community that uses targeted assessments to direct you to the right level of coping support. Anonymity is an option.

National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 800-273-8255


We have designed the following downloadable pocket guides to support listening and sharing:

'Pocket Guide for Facilitating Discussion' (PDF, 37kb)
This guide will help you facilitate mindful conversation.

'Pocket Guide for Using Stories' (PDF, 29kb)
This guide will help you use stories in the workplace.

'Pocket Guide to Mindful Listening' (PDF, 64kb)
This guide will help you listen intentionally.

'Pocket Guide to Sharing Your Story' (PDF, 42kb)
This guide will help you develop and record your story.

'Frequently Asked Questions handout' (PDF, 76kb)
This guide will help you educate others about the project.